Who is Karen ?

I was born and raised in Antwerp (Belgium) where I completed a Bachelor in Graphic Design before embarking on a journey traveling throughout the world. My camera became my best friend during these years. Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. I later settled in Bali for a period where I was inspired to explore textile design – using my creative juices to design sarongs and clothing to sell overseas.

Eventually, I was granted a skilled-migration visa to Australia as a graphic designer. Once in this beautiful country, I developed an immense appreciation for its nature: the open skies, the wildlife, the feeling of ultimate freedom and the space to indulge my love of horses, are all a far cry from my formative years spent mostly indoors.

I shoot outdoors in natural light where nature is ‘Queen’. Increasingly I draw upon the natural world and its elements for inspiration – hoping my work will elicit an ongoing appreciation, respect and sense of protection for the nature we live in.

I recently began to marry my photos with quotes in calligraphic type which has brought  my photography to another level of expression: conveying a message or evoking an emotional connection to nature. That I feel, is my mission – for the viewer to be drawn emotionally and feel strengthened by the experience.

This collection of limited photographs pairs quotes from inspired and creative minds with original photography and go beyond being only affirmations. Sometimes in life it’s hard to find the right words to express a thought or feeling and these quotes can bridge such a gap.

With this in mind I have created an online shop and gallery that offers  both my professional work and personal collection reconceived into a limited edition collection of photographic  fine art.